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Formula for Happiness: Smile, Serve & Meditate. Meditation brings inner strength, service brings merit and smiling keeps you sane.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar




Intuitive Soul Coaching is the process that connects you to your thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Awareness is where everything starts. 

We are all taught what to believe from our parents and through our experiences.  As adults these lessons help us thrive or can block us from moving forward into the lives we truely desire.

Intuitive Soul Coaching gives you the tools to decode the patterns and beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.  Mollie Sommer guides you through the process of decoding your old beliefs and patterns; while helping you build new ones.

This process sets you up to achieve ANYTHING you desire.  There are no limits to where you can go.





Each week we send out personal lessons, special events, monthly medicine and more.  Join our community to recieve the messages that you are meant to see.

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Read stories and lessons from my perspective.  Messages to you from Spirit, lessons I have learned so that I can share them with you.

My life is a teaching tool, my writing is for you.

Blessings my friend.



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