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Formula for Happiness: Smile, Serve & Meditate. Meditation brings inner strength, service brings merit and smiling keeps you sane.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



My life has been my education. I have experienced the highs and the lows and have come out the other side with my lessons stored as tools in my tool box. I have turned my Karma into my Dharma using my past to build my purpose.

My past has made me strong, a lioness, who uses the infinite love of the universe to help people rise out of their fears and fog.

Intuitive Soul Coaching is helping you connect to your inner self, your own intuition. Teaching you the tools to empower yourself; building you up from the inside out. Guiding you through your past stories, limiting beliefs, traumas and empowering you to step into the life that you truly desire.


Your life is a teaching tool for others. Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you. You are being called to lead by example, your wisdom has been earned as a result of your bravery in the adventure of your life. The experiences of battles won and lost, places discovered, tears shared and joy revealed has placed you in a unique position to be of service to others. Your suffering has been crystallized into a talisman of wisdom and now you must share it. You will be required to divulge some things about your past, so that you may help someone else by being fully authentic. You will lead others into light, lead with love.

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This is my life and why I am on the path that I am on. This is who I am.

Wellness Retreats

As humans we are here on earth to learn and collect experiences. Mollie Sommer Wellness builds retreats to hold space for you to do just that.

Each retreat has been lovingly built with the intention that each attendee will have the opportunity to grow, make lasting connections and experience all the richness and beauty that life can offer.

Each location has been carefully chosen for its uniqueness and its energy. The content and activities have been lovingly arranged to both challenge and heal you.

We are constantly evolving and growing as individuals. Mollie Sommer Wellness believes that, like a master piece of art that takes a lifetime to complete, we add one colourful strokes to ourselves a day. Each stroke adding to what was laid the day before. Our retreats offer the Devine creativity to help you add to your masterpiece.

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